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How To Sell Your Home When You Have Kids

Worried about selling your home when you also have to manage your kids? With the right preparation, selling your home when you have kids can be much less stressful than you may think. Here are some ideas on what to do (especially for open houses and potential showings) when you and your family are selling your home.  


Nothing makes a better impression than a clean and tidy home, so it’s important to make sure your home looks its best. This means cleaning every room, especially bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Remember to also clean your windows, especially if you have a nice view. With a clean home, potential buyers can see the features and potential of your home clearly and will be more interested in your property.


When you have kids, clutter is often unavoidable. When you’re trying to sell your home, make sure all toys, games, books, clothes, and any baby equipment is stored away out of sight, at least for showings and open houses. Some ideas for this include clearly-labelled toy bins or boxes and closet organizers. It’s also smart to make sure your front and back yards are tidy, with all toys and sports equipment stored away.

The Bathroom Inspection

One area of the house that is often the messiest is the bathroom. It’s important to make sure your bathroom is clean and tidy for potential buyers to view. This means cleaning mirrors, sinks, toilets and storing any toothbrushes and shampoo bottles out of sight. If you have young kids, it’s also a good idea to put any step-stools or other equipment out of sight.

Have A Family Meeting

Selling your home is a big change so it’s important to check in with your kids and make sure they understand what’s happening. If you can, frame the situation as a new adventure for the whole family and start talking about ideas for your new home.

Step Out For A While

During showings make sure you and your family are out of the house. This is so that potential buyers can see the house clearly and decide if it’s right for them. This is the perfect time for you to complete some errands or visit family and friends.

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How To Make Your Home More Kid-Friendly

Buying a new home? Thinking about renovating your current house? It’s always a good idea to make sure your home is both safe and stylish for you and your family. Here are some ideas on how to make your home more kid-friendly.

Create A Playroom

If you want to have an area in your house where the kids can play, consider turning one of your rooms into a playroom. If you don’t want to commit an entire room, only use a certain corner or area designated for the kids. Make sure the playroom is somewhere safe and easy to clean, such as somewhere in the house where there is less carpet and you have a good view to supervise. If you want to embrace the outdoors, consider building a playhouse, treehouse or mini playground, as it’s both fun and good for the kids to get some fresh air.

Avoid Unnecessary Mess

While it is a universal truth that kids can be messy, that doesn’t mean it should add extra wear and tear to your home. Some ideas for avoiding unnecessary messes in your home can be having flooring instead of carpet, as flooring like vinyl, tile or wood can often be easier to clean, not getting stained like carpet can. Another idea is using furniture that is also easier to clean, such as leather couches. Also, hide all those permanent markers and pens. Nothing says surprise like some artwork on your new wallpaper.

Watch Out For Risks

Whether you are buying a new home or simply renovating your current one, there are certain factors to be aware of when you have kids. Some of these potential risks include open stairs, electrical outlets, and sharp corners from furniture or counters. Always be sure you’re aware of these potential risks, so you can make sure you and your kids are safe.

Get Organized

Sometimes a parent’s best friend is organized storage. It’s a good idea to have organized storage in your home, not only to make your house look tidier but also to help keep track of all your belongings. For kids, this can mean special storage areas for all toys, games, books and anything else they might have. Some ideas can be clearly-labelled toy bins or boxes, bookcases, storage ottomans and closet organizers.

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Get A Move On: Tips For A Successful Move

Get A Move On: Tips For A Successful Move

Moving can be a challenging process, whether you are moving into a new home or leaving an old one. There are a number of tasks to complete, from packing up your belongings to preparing the property for new owners. For a successful move, organization and preparation are vital. Below are some tips on how to make moving easier and more manageable for you and your family.

Know Your Deadlines

When you’re moving, it’s crucial to remember when the important dates are. Important dates related to buying or selling a house include the subject removal date, completion date and possession date. The possession date is especially important for moving, as it is the day that the buyer is entitled to receive the keys to the home and take physical possession of the property.

Have Enough Packing Supplies

With so many items to pack, it’s important to have enough supplies. Boxes, bags, coolers, suitcases and packing tape are all items to remember. A good organizational strategy is to label boxes and packing as best you can either by contents or room.

Be Prepared To Clean

Whether you are moving in or out, a clean house can make a huge difference for your moving experience. Make sure everything is packed well and that the space is clean, including floors, carpets, walls and windows.

Try Decluttering

As you pack, try going through your belongings to see what you might want to donate or get rid of. This can not only help you minimize the number of boxes you need to carry but will also help when you need to unpack in a new home.

Lift With Your Legs

Moving can be hard, physical work so make sure you aren’t hurting yourself as you carry your possessions, including heavy furniture. The best option is to hire a moving company to do the hard work or enlist friends and family to help.