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Work It Out: How To Create The Perfect Home Gym

Work It Out: How To Create The Perfect Home Gym

Trying to reach your fitness goals for the new year? Nervous about sharing public gym space with others? This year, working out at home might be the perfect option for you and your family. With many public gyms and studios temporarily shut down or limiting capacity, many people are wondering how and where to exercise. Creating your own home gym or fitness space can be comfortable and even cost-efficient. Here are some tips to help you get started on your home gym.

Motivate Yourself

If you’re feeling unsure about sticking to your fitness goals this year, try and think of ways you can inspire yourself to be more active. Does being focused on your wellness and physical health motivate you? Are you trying to reduce anxiety and find balance? Having a designated fitness space in your home can also be a great motivation. Try and create a space that is comfortable and motivates you to work out. Some extra ideas can be having a whiteboard to write out fitness plans, or inspirational quotes and photos decorating the walls.

Set Goals

When creating a home gym, make sure you not only have fitness goals for yourself, but also plans on how you want the room to work for you. Determine what tools and equipment you need to support your plans, what changes you might need to make to the space, and when you want to have the room work out ready.

Create A Budget

Think about how you want your home gym to look and function. Do you need to repaint the walls? Make any repairs to the room? Buy new furniture or gym equipment? Be realistic with your goals and make smart purchases that work with your budget and space. Basic equipment to start with can include resistance bands and dumbbells.

Get The Right Equipment

Make sure to get gym equipment that fits your fitness goals, budget and space. If you’re working within a specific budget, multi-use equipment might be a good idea, such as resistance bands that strengthen your arms, legs and core. Other basic equipment can include an exercise mat, medicine ball, and hand weights. If you’re tight on space or storage, go for dumbbells or kettlebells. More advanced equipment can include treadmills and elliptical or stationary bikes. Always be aware of safety concerns, such as the size and maintenance of equipment and potential risks such as tripping hazards and accidental injury.

Personalize Your Space

It’s also important to create a space that is relaxing and comfortable for you. Whether your home gym is an entire room or simply a corner of your bedroom, your fitness area should reflect your preferences and goals. Important aspects to think about are good ventilation, lighting and flooring. Some ideas for personalizing the space can include inspirational photos, quotes, or fitness plans to decorate the walls, mirrors to make a space look larger than it is, or a Bluetooth speaker for the perfect music.




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