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What New Home Is Right For You?

What New Home Is Right For You?

There are many different types of properties you can buy as your new home. It’s important to pick the right property for you and your family, one that fits with your lifestyle and budget. Below are some examples of the types of properties that are often available.


Condominiums are a type of ownership that can apply to many types of properties, most commonly in apartment buildings. Condominium properties have specific rules each owner must follow, including adhering to the regulations of the condominium corporation committee or board. Condominiums are best for people looking for a smaller living area, shared common space (like parking areas, pools, etc.) and minimal maintenance.


Townhouses are houses situated together in a row, attached to each other and similar in appearance. Each townhouse shares a wall with the unit beside it and sometimes with the unit above. Townhouses are also usually two or three storeys tall. This type of housing is best for those looking for a balance between affordability and privacy. Townhouses work well for both single individuals and families, as they often include a yard.


A duplex is a building that is divided into two or more housing units. Each household has a separate entrance and is responsible for the care of their unit. Types of duplex buildings can be detached houses and townhouses. A duplex works well as a mix of price efficiency and space management.

Semi-detached House

A semi-detached house is a home attached to another home by one side. Owners are only responsible for their side of the property. This type of property works well for those who want to own their house and the land it is on, like with detached houses.

Detached House

A detached house is a home that stands on its own, with buyers owning the house and the land it is on. This type of property appeals to a wide range of people, including single individuals, families and retirees. Detached houses are the most expensive type of property due to land costs and maintenance but also provide the most space and privacy.


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