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Spring Into Action: A Guide To Spring Cleaning

Spring Into Action: A Guide To Spring Cleaning

It’s always a good idea to get started on spring cleaning your home, making sure it looks and feels its best. Here are some ideas on how to spring clean your home, room by room.

Exterior Of Your Home:

Clean Your Windows With warmer weather approaching, it would be nice to clearly see outside. Start cleaning your windows and removing all the dirt, dust and grime that has built up over the past few months. Unclog & Clean Your Gutters Whether it is done by professionals or yourself, cleaning out your gutters is good to do every season change to avoid leaks and damage. Cut The Grass Make sure your lawn is ready for summer! Remember to cut and water your grass so it continues to grow and stay green. Trim Hedges & Shrubbery Tend to your outdoor garden and shrubbery so that it looks its best for the warmer months coming up.


Organize Your Medicine Cabinet Clean and organize your bathroom cabinets by throwing out or recycling any empty bottles, make-up and medications that are past their expiry date. Try organizing your cabinets by shelf to make items easier to find, such as one shelf for first aid supplies and another shelf for all lotions and hair styling products. Scrub The Tile Don’t forget gloves, grout cleaner and a lot of patience when doing a heavy-duty clean of your bathroom tile. Clean The Mirrors Your bathroom mirrors might feel neglected, but now is the time to give them a thorough clean.


Dust The Shelves Now is the time to dust and clean any shelves, bookcases, dressers and desks in your bedroom that might not always get the attention they deserve. Flip Your Mattress Flipping, or even rotating, your mattress helps keep both your back and the mattress itself in good shape. Pack Up Winter Clothes A good idea for every season change is rotating your clothes so that the pieces you wear most frequently are easiest to find, for example packing away your warmer winter clothes as summer approaches. Put Away Extra Blankets Any extra blankets or warmer comforters can be put away until they are needed again. Replace Heaters With Fans If you have any heaters, now might be the time to store them away for the winter and replace them with fans in preparation for summer.

Living Room:

Clean Blinds & Curtains Dusting and cleaning window blinds and curtains can be a laborious job, but it is also a good way to get rid of built-up dust and grime. Vacuum As with any carpeted area in your home, vacuuming is an easy way to keep your space clean and tidy.

Home Office:

Dust Shelves Remember to dust your shelves to give the room a fresh and clean look. Organize Your Files Whether you have hardcopy paper files or online folders, now is the time to review and organize your filing system. Organize and store older files in waterproof storage boxes, or a properly named online folder. Try to keep your current bills and documents properly sorted in a convenient location so you can remember where they are. Tidy Your Desk Clean and dust your desk surface, properly clean your keyboard and computer screen, and organize your files, papers, and any stationary or pens that might be scattered around.


Clean The Cupboards Take everything out of the cupboards to thoroughly clean and wipe them out. Review everything you’re putting back, making sure you’re throwing out anything past the expiry date. Clean The Fridge Wipe out the shelves and door with soap and water, making sure to toss any food that has expired. Clean The Sink Remember to clean your sink often, with water, soap and any other kitchen friendly cleaner.

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