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Is Your Home Ready For Showings?

As you prepare your home for sale, it’s important to get the property ready for marketing and showings, so that your home can look its best for potential buyers. Here are some important steps to remember when getting your home ready for showings.

Keep It Tidy

Make sure all surfaces and counters are clean, including kitchen sinks and faucets. For bedrooms, make sure that all personal items are put away and the beds are neatly made. For bathrooms, remember to turn off fans, hang towels neatly, put down toilet seats, and remove bath mats, shampoo bottles and other accessories from the shower.

Let In The Light

For both photographs and showings, remember to turn on all the lights, open all the blinds, and replace any non-functioning lightbulbs.

Make It Cozy

Try and make your home seem welcoming by turning on the lights and fireplace, but also remember to put away any personal items such as family photographs and evidence of pets.

Outside The Home

Outside your home, remember to put away garbage, recycling, and compost, move any vehicles from the driveway, mow the lawn and trim the hedges so your property looks tidy and presentable.


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