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How To Maintain Your Heating System This Winter

Making sure you extend the life of your heating system and keep it in good condition can be a great way to minimize your energy costs.

Here are a few ways you can efficiently maintain your heating system this winter.

Seal The Pipes

Make sure your air ducts and heating pipes are properly sealed to avoid cracks and necessary repairs in the future.

Clean Your Filters

Getting in the habit of cleaning your system filters every month and replacing them on a regular basis will help lower your energy costs in the long-term.

Remove Dirt

Ensure you check for and remove any dirt or corrosion if you see it in your heating system.

Keep The Heat

Remember to keep the heat exchanger clean to maintain heating levels.

Clear Your Vents

Make sure you keep your air vents clear and clean. If you have curtains or furniture in front of your air vents, move them away to ensure the heat enters the room.