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How To Give Gifts On A Budget

How To Give Gifts On A Budget

If you are thinking of giving less expensive gifts to friends and family this holiday season, here are some ideas on how to show it is more about the heart than the price tag.

Thoughtful Gifts

When giving a gift it’s always important to think about what the other person would like and what you think they might enjoy. Try and pick a gift that suits their interests and personality, such as a scarf in their favourite colour, a book by an author they admire, or a mug with a slogan that will make them smile.

Shop Local

Shopping local is always a good idea, especially this year. Try and shop local businesses, either in-person or online, that you think the gift recipient would enjoy. Do they have a favourite clothing boutique, bookstore, craft store, art gallery, gardening nursery, market, bakery or coffee shop? If you prefer, you could also get them a gift card for their favourite local place, so they can support the business and have the option of picking out their own gift.

Be Creative

For a truly unique gift, consider creating something special for friends and family. This gift could be anything you can think of, giving you lots of gift options. Some easy ideas include making your own Christmas tree ornaments, table coasters, bookmarks or photo scrapbooks. Do you have experience woodworking? Try making a wooden bookcase, table or chair. Do you knit or sew? Try making a cozy scarf, hat, blanket or even a few throw pillows. Do you bake? Try baking some holiday cookies or cakes as a delicious treat. If you’re more of an artist, try a personalized song, poem or painting.

More Ideas

If you’re still not sure about what gifts to give that won’t break the bank, try planning a fun experience. This could be a special movie night with snacks, a hike along a beautiful trail, or even a picnic in the living room. Any gift that is thoughtful and sincere will be the right one.


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