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Create The Perfect Home Office

Create The Perfect Home Office

If you need to create a home office, or simply update the space you already have, here are some ideas to help create a productive and relaxed workspace.

Keep It Organized

Organization is very important when creating an effective home office and keeping your space tidy can significantly help keep you on track. Try using bulletin boards, white boards or wall calendars to remember important dates and details. If you prefer, consider using a digital calendar or agenda to always be up to date. Keep your file cabinets, drawers and bookshelves organized and when in doubt, add a label.

Get A Comfortable Office Chair

Having a comfortable office chair is very important for your productivity and comfort level. Make sure you have a chair with the right lumbar support for your body posture. Other features to be aware of are seat height and adjustment, seat cushioning and rolling wheels.

Make It Your Own

Don’t forget to make your workspace comfortable for you. Create a calming space with colours and styles that work for you, such as walls either painted or patterned in your favourite colour. Try displaying décor that you like, such as cozy floor rugs, houseplants, or framed photographs and inspirational quotes.

Utilize The Space

Use all the space you have, no matter the size of the room. If you need to move your desk and chair around for the best position, try a new configuration of the office furniture. Use wall space for bulletin boards, photos, maps and calendars. Try different shelving options, such as floating shelves. Having a lot of video calls? For a good video background, try using a nice background of your own décor tastefully arranged or even a blank, painted wall. Make sure anything personal you wouldn’t want on camera is out of sight.

Reduce Stress

Try and make sure your office is away from any unnecessary noise, such as street noise or noise coming from the kitchen or kids’ rooms. Curtains and blinds can also help reduce noise and light. Above all, make sure your home office is somewhere quiet where you can be as productive as possible.


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