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Best Outdoor Trends of 2021

Best Outdoor Trends of 2021

Outdoor spaces are more popular than ever, so now is the time to improve your home and outdoor area with these top trends of 2021.

Multipurpose Furniture

Having furniture that provides multiple uses is an excellent idea to improve your space, such as stools that fold into tables, or chairs and tables with hidden features such as storage or outdoor coolers.

Outdoor Privacy

A home with its own private retreat makes for the perfect outdoor space. Some privacy options from neighbours or street view can include extra hedges and shrubbery, or umbrellas and screens.

Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits are a popular and easy way to add style, light and warmth to any outdoor area.

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor seating is always a good idea, for both your own family and guests. Consider an outdoor dining table and chairs, lounge chair sets, or outdoor benches.

Herb & Vegetable Gardens

Having a garden that provides food and herbs for your family makes gardening useful and enjoyable. Whether in a garden or pots, popular herbs and vegetable options include mint, rosemary, lettuce and cucumbers.

Ambient Lighting

Outdoor lighting is good for style and safety, such as lighting up pathways or accenting your garden and seating area. Go for lower watt bulbs for a more golden, ambient look.

Outdoor Entertainment

With outdoor entertaining becoming more popular in warmer months, consider adding portable speakers for music or a compact projector for outdoor movie nights. 


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