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Are You Ready To Move?

Whether you are retiring, relocating to a new city, or simply downsizing, moving to a new home can be a challenging process. Before you make the decision, consider whether you are ready to move at all. Here are some thoughts to consider and ask yourself before you decide to move.

Will your current home meet your needs as you age?

Many factors can affect your living situation as you grow older, including location, accessibility, and house size. If you have health or mobility challenges, will you be able to easily navigate your home, such as climbing stairs? Are you near amenities and health care facilities you would need access to? Are you capable of caring for and maintaining a larger house and yard, or is it too much effort? These are all questions you should ask yourself about your current home.

Does your home fit your lifestyle needs?

If you have children and pets, is there enough room for them? If your children are grown-up and have moved out, is there too much space? Do you want to live in a smaller, simpler home with less maintenance? Do you want to be near amenities, shopping areas or parks? Understanding what you want from your home is an important first step in the moving process.

Do you want to move to a new home when you retire?

Many people consider moving to a different home when they retire, often to adapt to their new retired lifestyle. Do you want to have a smaller home with less maintenance? Do you want to travel for extended periods of time? Do you want a property with a studio, home office, large garage, or greenhouse? Before you retire and consider moving, think about these questions.


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