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Is Your Lawn Ready For Summer?

It’s that time of year to make sure your lawn is green, growing and ready for summer. Here are some tips on getting your home’s lawn ready for summer.

Rake Early

If you remember to rake your lawn in the spring, it will make it look that much better in summertime. When you remove the old grass clippings and leaves that didn’t break down over the winter, new grass has an easier time growing because it gets the warmth of the sun earlier. Also, raking allows better oxygen flow through your lawn and in spring this helps dry out the wet areas in your lawn faster.

Weed It Out

Remember to weed your lawn as much as you can before you add any fertilizers. Fertilizers help grass grow, but they also help weeds such as dandelions and crabgrass grow too. When getting rid of any unwanted plants, try hand-digging or using an environmentally friendly herbicide.

Patch Up Holes

To make your lawn look just right, try using top dressing to fill in any holes or rough patches of grass. Another great way to ensure you have a healthy and growing lawn is to add new grass seed. Remember that planting grass means more than sprinkling it on your lawn, you have to make sure you get seed-to soil-contact, so that the seeds germinate. Try spreading the lawn soil or topsoil and then applying the grass seed according to the product’s instructions, lightly raking and watering afterwards.

Remember To Water

Remember to water your lawn to keep it growing, especially during the hotter and drier times of year. An easy tip to remember this is to schedule your sprinkler to water the lawn for a set amount of time when no one is around, such as during the night. When watering your lawn, also be aware of any neighbourhood or city rules about allowed water usage.



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