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How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Space

How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Space

This year is the time to create the perfect outdoor space, whether that’s an inviting patio, beautiful garden or fun backyard area. Your outdoor space is an extension of your home and can work as another living area for you and your family. Here are some tips on planning the right outdoor space for you.

Have A Plan

Make sure you know what kind of outdoor space you want and what furniture and equipment you’ll need. Do you need new patio furniture? Gardening supplies? Barbeque and grilling equipment? Toys for a children’s play area? Keep a list and start with the larger items, such as furniture and larger equipment so you can make sure it all fits.

Use The Space

Even if you have a smaller outdoor space, make the most of the space you have. Choose furniture and equipment that will fit well in the space and leave enough room to make you and your guests comfortable.

Make It Personal

Make sure to keep your space cozy and comfortable, as if it is your own oasis. Use your favourite furniture, plants, artwork, and children’s toys to make it a space everyone will enjoy.

Try A Fire Pit

Trying out the ever-popular fire pit brings warmth, light, and a cozy atmosphere to any backyard space.

Outdoor Lighting

Use standing garden lights, backdoor motion sensor lights and even hanging string lights for the perfect lighting. Try using dimmers or colored light options on your outdoor lights to create moods for every occasion.


Whether you have a garden or not, plants are a great addition to any outdoor space. Potted plants, shrubs, flowers or even herbs are always a good place to start. If you’re worried about plants during the winter, try using plants that bloom even in cold weather, such as hellebores, also known as winter roses.


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