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Give Your Garage The Ultimate Makeover: A How-To Guide

Give Your Garage The Ultimate Makeover: A How-To Guide

A home’s garage, whether it is attached to the house or structured as a separate building, is an often-overlooked area of the property. By improving your garage, you can make this area look like the valuable real estate it is.

Keep It Clean

The first step in improving your garage is to give it a thorough clean. This includes clearing away clutter and trash, getting rid of any useless appliances and equipment, doing minor repairs such as damaged doors and stairs, and washing windows.

Keep It Organized

Keep your garage from getting messy by organizing your belongings in a way that is easy to navigate and keep clean. Try organizing similar items together, such as gardening supplies, sports equipment, outdoor decorations, and hardware tools. If you have shelving in your garage, try using large, sealable bins with labels to clearly show where everything is stored. If you have a workbench in your garage, keep it organized by having a toolbox, using a pegboard, and re-using jars to store smaller items such as nails and screws.

Repaint The Garage Door

Whether you want to repaint your garage door the same colour, or you’re looking for a new shade, a freshly painted door can make a big difference. If you’re thinking of a new colour, try white, black, or a solid, bold colour for an exciting look.

Hang It Up

If you need extra storage, one option is to hang items on the garage wall. This works well for ladders, hoses, extension cords, sleds and even bicycles.

Seasonal Solutions

Keep yourself organized by grouping seasonal items (snow shovels and salt for winter, pool toys and patio furniture for summer) together in convenient locations so you know where they are and they are easy to find for the appropriate season.


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