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Moving With Kids: A How-To Guide

Moving With Kids: A How-To Guide

Moving With Kids: A How-To Guide

Moving can be a stressful process, especially if you have kids. But here are some ideas and tips to help you move with minimized stress and greater efficiency.

Make It An Adventure

Moving to a new home is a big change so it’s important to check-in with your kids and make sure they understand what’s happening. If you can, frame the situation as a new adventure for the whole family and start talking about ideas for your new home.

Involve The Kids

One way to get the kids more involved in the move is to have them help you clean, declutter and pack up your belongings. An idea for this is to have the kids pack their own boxes for their own stuff, but remember to clearly label everything to avoid confusion.

Declutter & Declutter More

When you’re moving, an important step to not overlook is decluttering. Not only does this mean you’ll have less to pack up, but you’ll also have less to un-pack later. When decluttering make sure to think about if each item will be used in your new home or if it has overstayed its welcome and needs to be donated or thrown out. This includes toys, games, clothes, books, kitchen utensils and equipment, sports equipment, yard equipment and furniture.

Stay Organized

Staying organized is essential when you’re moving with your family. Make sure you remember everything you have to do before the final move-out date, possibly by using check-lists and calendar reminders. Another idea to help stay organized is making sure you label everything, so you remember what’s in each box and where it’s for.

Prepare For Change

Moving to a new home can sometimes mean other changes as well, such as new neighbourhoods, schools, daycares, health care practitioners, and clubs or sports teams. Make sure you and your kids are ready for these new changes by getting any needed supplies and keeping a positive attitude. If you’re moving to a new area, remember to check registration dates for any new educational or recreational programs.


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